Have You Ever Looked at Your

Website on a Mobile Phone ??

What did you see ?

iPhoneDid your website ‘FIT’ the screen.  Most Website are made with the PC in mind. With the ever increasing popularity of the Mobile Phone more and more users are ‘surfing the web’ this way.  And what do they get – frustration in not being able to access the information that they WANT as quickly as they want.  Websites that are hard to read, impossibly small text, photos that take forever to download.  With more and more Mobile Phones being activated this is the new trend.  The latest is that we are running out of the current set of mobile numbers….. who would have thought that was possible.

Website Barcodes are another phenomenon.  This craze is sweeping the advertising sector.  More and more companies are using this to send traffic to their website and more….  And to access the Website Barcode you have to use a Mobile Phone App.

Look at the following senario – you have a Website Barcode on your advert in the local paper.   Your potential customer uses their Mobile Phone to scan the Barcode – what do they see….. is your Website optimised so that they can access the information that you have paid a lot of money for, or do they have to scroll this way and that to find what they want.

At Best Mobile Website Design we can help you to optimise your website to meet this current trend.   We are in constant contact with web design and marketing specialists globally. We know what is in the pipeline and we can help you to have the internet presence that your business requires in todays climate.

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